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About Placebook

Placebook is currently a pre-launch "beta test" project. Assistance to all users is available from Venus Business Communications Ltd who are programming this web site.

Please call the Venus Placebook Helpdesk on 020 7632 9621 for assistance if needed

At present most of the upload and display features are ready for use so that you may log in, create places and upload images of "views" and "details".

NEW: Comments are now enabled.
NEW: You receive email when someone comments on your Place
NEW: You can edit your Places and add/remove images
NEW: You can add your company name and web site, shown when you upload Places
Not Yet Working
: Password Reminders

The key concepts to be aware of when using this web site:


Places are what Placebook is about. Showcasing schemes that enhance and influence the human environment, Placebook presents views and details of places, and allows users to comment.


When you view a Place, you are shown a View chosen from any "view" images that have been uploaded.


Details are any elements that make up a Place. These are uploaded separately from Views and will be searchable. For example, it will be possible to search for all examples of "signage" and see examples of signage, as well as the places where they have been used.

Placebook is intended to be a visual and interactive web site about Places, to help anyone interested in the human environment explore ideas about what makes a Place. It presents urban planners with the opportunity to showcase Views of their Places, and the Details that make them special. Placebook will also serve as a "sourcebook". Planning or building a new park? Placebook will help you find inspiration and show you Views and Details from similar Places - and the opinions of those that have left Comments.