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Trinity Village

Surface Detail


Location: Crown Lane, Bromley, Bromley BR2 9PQ

Built: 2011

Designer: Ward Homes (developer)

Type: suburban

Density: 44 homes per hectare

Parking ratio: 180%

This development of the Blue Circle sports pitches south of Bromley will provide 800 homes between three developers, Ward, Asprey and Affinity Sutton. The scheme uses a strongly orthogonal layout with square and straight streets and mews and creates character through different street types and areas, such as Regent Square and Belgravia Square. This is not up to the standard of Regency London but immediately noticeable are the strong building lines and better quality street materials and planting. Houses are mostly standard plates with a strong nod to local vernacular traditions as well as some crisper contemporary touches. The site is about 20 minutes' walk south of Bromley's centre, one mile on the map.

Phases one and two were built by back end of 2013 and there are plans for a medical centre.

Development uses a mix of parallel and perpendicular bays to fronts of homes punctuated with planting and changes in hard landscaping materials


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Bays are differentiated from carriageway through a change in materials


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Space submitted by Sam Brown

8 October 2013