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Well designed, well used parking spaces


Location: Clock House Rise & Duke of York Way, Coxheath, Maidstone ME17

Built: unknown

Developer: sixtyK Consortium (Including Crest Nicholson)

Type: suburban

Density: 0 homes per hectare

Parking ratio: 150%

Avante was awarded the Building for Life Gold standard. High quality street materials and landscaping compliment contemporary architecture and a variety of parking solutions. On-street parking is arranged to make good use of the public realm, and reduce opportunities for awkward and obstructive parking. Unfortunately, about half of the residents who responded to a post-occupation survey considered the parking arrangements to be 'poor' or 'very poor'. As such, Avante offers some important learning points, and may benefit from a more in-depth engagement with residents (who have their own Facebook page).

Residents are not particularly satisfied with parking at Avante, but the imaginative layout and overall impression of quality have helped the development to gain professional recognition.


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Space submitted by Bob White

7 February 2014